The Moditlo Private Game Reserve contributes 3 300 ha to the Blue Canyon Conservancy. Situated just 12 km from the local town of Hoedspruit, the area hosts the highest concentration of private and national game reserves and conservation areas in South Africa.

The Moditlo Private Game Reserve was established in 2006.

Today (in 2018) the average sales price for a 1 ha stand lies at ZAR 400 000 while some stands with outstanding positions have achieved prices of up to ZAR 700 000. Stands which are not along the river systems are laid out in carousels and some of these carousels feature a waterhole in the centre. Many carousel stands as well as river stands have outstanding mountain views.

The reserve is a Big 4 reserve with the absence of buffalo. The reserve supports an impressive amount of game like Giraffe, Zebra, Tsessebe,

Waterbuck, Kudu, Wildebeest, Impala, Warthog, and several more species of smaller game. Cheetah and the endangered African Wild dog are also regular visitors.

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Moditlo - Good to know

  • 10 beds per household

  • Only thatch and Harvey tiles permitted

  • Minimum building size 250 sqm under roof

  • The estate rules do not make provision for holiday leasing/ commercial use of individual properties e.g. B&B.

  • Domestic pets are not allowed and feeding of the wild animals is prohibited.

Fauna and Flora

Moditlo Estate has two perennial rivers, the Moditlo and the Mbezi. In the riverine regions one can see huge sycamore figs, jackal-berry and weeping boer-bean trees. Because of the high water table on the estate, flora is exceptional and there are 2 distinct types of eco-zones. The northern thornveld eco-zone and the Southern bushwillow Woodlands eco-zone.

With game in abundance and more than 40 mammal species, 300 bird species and over 50 bushveld tree species Moditlo is fast becoming the new lifestyle destination!


There are a total of 474 stands all roughly 1 ha in size. The reserve consists of 3 farm portions, namely: Hoedspruit, Moria and Riversdale.

Moria forms the largest portion and has a total of 242 stands while portion Hoedspruit and Riversdale have 116 stands each.

The R 40 and the railway line run on the Eastern border while on the Western side it is open to private managed game farms. In the North and South, Moditlo borders onto undeveloped game farms.

While owners can traverse on all portions of Moditlo Estate, 1000 ha have been set aside as a wilderness zone with restricted access in designated game viewing vehicles.

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  • All stands are serviced with an electricity and water point 

  • Eskom electricity reticulation installed underground

  • Electrified fences

  • Own water supply is secured through boreholes and water is pumped to a 1 million litre reservoir via automated telemetric system

  • Biometric controlled access gates and 24hrs security control room

Commercial activity on the estate

There are 2 commercial lodges, Moditlo River Lodge (36 bed boutique lodge) and Vuyani (29 bed lodge).

Moditlo River Lodge combines the rustic nature of a bushveld retreat with the style and elegance you would expect of a first-rate safari destination.

Named for the gentle beast of the bushveld, Moditlo means ‘place of the elephant’, and the quiet grace of this extraordinary creature echoes throughout the lodge and its surroundings. Relish your stay in this classically chic accommodation and enjoy the beauty ofthis glorious slice of African heaven.

Home owners can book guided game drives to the Muruti Wilderness zone through Moditlo River Lodge.

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