What is a share block?

PUBLISHED 26 JUL 2017   

Usage rights in a property situated in a private wildlife reserve with open borders to the Kruger National Park. The share block concept is not well known outside South Africa and even South African nationals easily confuse it with "time share".

In reality it is the ownership of shares within a lease hold company which manages the reserve.

As a purchaser you acquire shares within this company and user rights to a property allocated to these shares. In the case of shares sold in Olifants North Private Game Reserve a maximum of 5 users are allocated to a property and therefore you will buy either percentages of a full share, such as 20% (equal to 1/5 share) or 100 % (full share).

When purchasing shares a purchaser needs to familiarize himself/herself with the following important documents:

- the Memorandum of Incorporation

- the user agreement

Should you have any questions in regards to the share block ownership please liaise with our property sales advisers who will be happy to assist you.

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